Achievements and Performances


We have consolidated and enhanced our existing activities:


Advice, Information and Guidance provisions: - 282 people benefited from our services and have gained access to housing, education & training, health, immigration, as well as receiving their entitlement to welfare benefits

After School classes: Over 100 children have benefited the supplementary classes each week. The aim of this service is to teach young Somalis their cultural heritage and mother tongue and to support them with their homework to address the underachievement of the Somali children

Community Health Day - over 95 people attended and benefited from this event. The event raised awareness of health issues relating to Swine Flu, TB, and substance abuse. Participants also had the opportunity to interact and ask questions to health professionals.


Volunteering scheme: Provided opportunity to 12 Volunteers from BME Community background. All volunteers receive training. Our volunteers contributed over 2768 hrs equivalent in monetary terms


Influencing policy

SECCA works with a number of local strategic bodies to promote partnership working between the sectors and the local community. We are members of The Enfield Strategic Partnership Board, ECEN, and other local and National bodies, and publicised opportunities for participation in the various stakeholder groups connected to the Local Strategy Partnerships. We continued to lobby for recognition of the needs of the Somali Community on various platforms.


Youth advice and sports activities: 85 children and young people benefited the Youth Advice. The aim was to raise general awareness of the negative impact that drugs, gang-culture, and crime have on individuals, families and communities. By making informed decisions children and young people can live better, healthier and more meaningful lives, away from the harms caused by addiction, and antisocial behaviours.


Social Events: We organised Multicultural and Eid Celebrations. The events were well attended and attracted over 155 people. Participants enjoyed cultural foods, accessed information stalls, met and made friends. 9 volunteers engaged in organising the event.

Half term & Summer Trips: We normally organise summer outings to theme parks for Somali families and their children. These trips give some children and their families their first holiday and are very popular. However, this year due to lack of funding we could not organise it.


Immigration & Asylum Project: In this year, our immigration and Asylum project has delivered number of advice sessions for local people concerned about immigration matters. SECCA invited senior officers from UKBA to meet refugees and asylum seekers, and community leaders and to address legacy cases.


Family Support Project: The family mediation service supported over ten families who faced an eminent family breakdown and disputes. We helped these families to overcome their difficulties, and resolve their difference, and thus salvaging their relationship. We also succeeded to resolve several cases of community disputes.

Employment: The Somali Community has one of the highest levels of unemployment in the country. The aim of this program is to prepare our young people for the world of work. We run CV building workshops, job search skills, interview techniques, and basic skill training. We offer quiet space to job search on the internet and offer guidance on employment. We are delighted that some of our clients has been successful in securing full time and part-time employment.